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The NHOC invites guests/potential members to participate in ONE NHOC event/hike before becoming a member. Once a member, you'll receive an electronic copy (PDF) of our Shorelines newsletter every 8 weeks, which contains our hike schedule, as well as special events, conservation news, and other pertinent information. You'll be eligible to attend all our events and activities and enjoy discounts from NHOC sponsors featured in Shorelines.

Members will also receive e-mail club news updates from our corresponding secretary,
with last-minute hikes, events, or cancellations
announced after the Shorelines print date.

The Nassau Hiking & Outdoor Club, Inc. membership year runs from April 1 to March 31.
Renewal Applications are sent out with the February issue of Shorelines.

Annual Membership Dues:  Individual: $30   Family: $45

There are two ways of joining:




Have a Membership Application mailed to you. Send an e-mail, with "membership" in the subject line, to our Membership Coordinator at:

(Write down the email address, as it's unclickable to cut down on spam.)
Please do not e-mail the webmaster about membership.




Click here to download a PDF file of our Membership Application.
The mailing address is on the application form.

To view PDF files you will need a PDF reader.
Please visit http://www.adobe.com/products/reader
to download the latest Adobe Reader application.

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